Sunday School Activities

The story of Noah is great for including a variety of Sunday school activities in your next lesson plan. Since the story of Noah’s ark is very engaging and interesting for the children, I split the lesson into two parts. For the first week I focus on Noah’s obedience to God as the factor that saved his life. For the second week the underlying message is that God made a promise.

To start things off, read a short version of the Noah story from your preferred Children’s bible. Make sure to focus on the promise God made to Noah, and how God illustrated this promise with the beautiful rainbow that arched across the sky following the flood. Give the kids a chance to ask questions first before proceeding to the Sunday school activities which will dominate most of the lesson.

Sunday School Song

The first of the Sunday school activities is a short song that will help children to remember each other’s names. Sung to the tune of “Did You Ever See a Lassie”, the simple verse is as follows:

Thank you God for (child’s name)

For (name), for (name)

Thank you God for (name)

We’re glad (s)he is here

As each child’s name becomes the focus of the song, have them stand up.

The next set of Sunday school activities are rainbow-themed crafts for both the younger and older children in your class. The younger children will make fashion rainbows from handprints while the older members of your class form rainbows from perler beads.

Sunday School Activity for Younger Children

For the younger children’s craft, you will need construction paper or white paper and tempra paint in all the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you are using construction paper, have your kids partner up and trace each other’s handprint outlines on the different colored paper. If you’ve opted for tempra paint, have each child make a series of paint handprints in each color of the rainbow.

To make a full rainbow, your students will need at least 5 prints in each color. Arrange the prints in a rainbow shape and glue them to a piece of white paper. If you are pressed for time, each child can trace 1 print in each color and arrange them in an arc shape.

Sunday School Activity for Older Children

In the meantime, the older children will be using perler beads with a circle base which can be picked up at any local arts and crafts supply store. Have each child arrange the beads in a rainbow-shaped arc on the base. Once the rainbow beads are on the base, place a sheet of wax paper to cover the beads completely and press on the paper with an iron for the amount of time indicated on package for the perler beads.

If desired, poke a hole through the top of the rainbow with a pencil tip or safety pin while the beads are still warm. Thread a piece of string through the hole and tie it around a silver key ring, which can also be picked up at an arts and crafts store.

Note: I always let the craft supply store know I am purchasing craft supplies for a sunday school lesson, often they can provide bulk or reduced pricing for churches (So Ask!).