Tips To Qualify CAT Exams

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) has attracted people from various academic fields be it science, humanities or commerce. Due to its growing success as a career option, every year the strength of candidates appearing for MBA exams increases. There are many exams conducted to gain entry into MBA colleges like MAT, CMAT, CAT etc. Each exam gains you entry into a specific set of MBA colleges. Likewise, CAT which is a common aptitude test, is a computer based exam which is conducted on a national level. It gains you entry into the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) etc. With every passing year, the number of candidates applying for CAT is increasing, which means much more competition. In such a scenario it has become a task to qualify for CAT, thus following are some tips which can help you perform better:

• Use a strategy to prepare as well as to answer. You need to follow a schedule and cover the topics according to their weightage in the CAT exam. Similarly, while appearing for the exam, answer the questions that hold high marks or that you are sure about, focus on the questions in this descending order.

• Focus on error removal. This would help you check the errors in your answer so you can work on them. Mainly includes, spelling mistakes, grammar etc. You can also use the “review button”, this helps the student check the error quotient and know which questions have been attempted, which left out.

• The more you practice the better you will perform in the CAT exam or any other MBA exam. One must at least practice three mock tests in a week. This would also acquaint you with the kind of questions asked and help you frame up better answers.

• Knowing simple and plain English is not sufficient. CAT aspirants should focus on the ability to read and understand longer sentences on complex topics. One should also know the meaning of words, sentences, idioms. At times 12-13 questions are based on such things.

You can make a note of these important details and include them in your preparation and during your exam. They can help you qualify for the CAT exam or in fact other exams like MAT or CMAT; since these are general tips for MBA exams. Also, give at least two or three months to CAT preparation, you must work extra hard because the competition is very stiff and the seats are limited.